“To be giving form in ideas which are determined by genuine needs – that is what truly defines architecture. To be expressing the spirit of your time with the means that it provides you - to be fulfilling the needs in the lives of your fellow men. To be seeing clearly the needs of your times and to be working towards resolving them. To be stating the problem correctly. To be sensing the character of a scenery and to be looking to express that through your work. To be seeking to provide man with even more life joy… Behold, that is architecture!”
(Aris Konstaninidis, 1942)


The function of Α31 is based on that exact union of art and science, on the juncture of craftsmanship and technique which permits the generation of work that meets the requirements so as to satisfy people’s true needs while also pleasing their aesthetic criteria.            



Paying respect to the values of Α31 and the needs of people,  the architects of A31 develop their activities in the following fields while they also provide crucial consultation to the construction department along the implementation process.


Residential developments

Industrial buildings

Office buildings

Professional spaces  

Hotel complexes

Exhibition areas



A31 construction department brings a bespoke collaborative process to the projects, always aligned with customer needs and driven by the aspiration for construction excellence. Focused on a holistic approach to design and architecture, highly trained and experienced professionals collaborate with the design department by putting together their strong understanding of customer requirements as well as their knowledge of building technology, innovative materials and state of the art fabrication techniques.  Strictly adherent to the project schedule and budget, this team of creative players prides itself in delivering sound, high-end constructions, tailored to the needs of the people as well as the land and the setting concerned.


The services provided by the department include:

  • Construction Management
  • Project  Management
  • “Turn-key” solutions