French Wharf of Lavrio
French Wharf of Lavrio

French Wharf of Lavrio

Location: Lavrio, Attica, Greece
Typology: Cultural
Status: Project
Year of completion: 2012
Ramp length: 180 m2
Client: Former French Mining Company of Lavrio

Project Team

Architecture: Praxitelis Kondylis, Nikos Tagalakis
Structural engineering: Chrisanthos Kalligeros, Argyro Theodorakatou, Panagiotis Karras

A31 were invited to refurbish and improve access to the listed French Wharf monument in Lavrio. The site is located at the port of Lavrio, in the Municipality of Lavreotiki in Eastern Attica. The wharf is an important landmark and reference point for the city of Lavrio and its industrial heritage.

The works envisaged by the proposal aim to highlight the ornate architectural elements and construction details of the monument through the creation of a “path” to the wharf. This path highlights the monument but also provides access to it from the level of the port’s dock.

The aim of the new intervention is for the visitor to approach the site and facilitate their interaction with the historical character of the monument. The wharf will be open to the public and open to the community for research, education and entertainment purposes. The A31 proposal converses and interacts with the monument, allowing the public to discover it from different levels and perspectives.

The proposal is complemented by a dedicated lighting design, which aims to highlight the uniqueness of this industrial monument and celebrate it as a landmark of Lavrio.