Into The Light Hotel

Location: Athens, Greece
Typology: Ephemeral
Status: Completed
Year of completion 2014
Client: 100% Hotel Show
Photography: Christos Drazos

Project Team

Architecture & Curation: Praxitelis Kondylis
Design Team: Stefanos Nasopoulos, Christos Spetseris
Project management: Panagiotis Karras
Lighting design: L+DG Lighting Architects
Landscape design: Archetopo / Landscape Urbanism
Art works: Y. Moralis, A. Glykas, N. Lagos

Awards & Distinctions

Nominee for the Piranesi Award 2014, Piran Days of Architecture, Slovenia

The project “Into the Light Hotel” was created in order to promote a contemporary yet timeless architectural example of a Greek hotel model, one that stems from and is integrated into the Greek landscape. A31 focused on Greek natural light, drawing inspiration from it for creation and functionality. The concept was developed to be aligned with the organizers’ aim of creating an exhibition that would enhance the visitor’s stimuli through experiential events and activities.

“Into the Light Hotel” introduces the visitor to the 100% Hotel Show via a path that triggers memories linked to the way we perceive light. The use and perception of light through different perspectives and filters (modern trellises, skylights, pergola) trigger the visitor’s emotions, the initial experience is met by warmth, feelings of safety and intimacy.

The lobby is a place which allows a connection with the mountains of the mainland. Arid plants in a sand garden compose a landscape that resembles that of the Greek islands.  Visitors can admire the imposing work by Greek artist Apollo Glykas, “Fountain”, which represents a modern interpretation of the Shadow Theatre. The space also features notable artworks by fellow Greek artists Yiannis Moralis and Nikos Lagos.

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