Paros Agnanti Hotel private pool
Paros Agnanti Hotel private pool

Paros Agnanti Hotel

Location: Paroikia, Paros island, Greece
Typology: Hospitality
Status: Completed
Year of completion: 2012
Built Area: 95 m²
Client: Private
Photography: Nikos Kokkas

Project Team

Architecture: Praxitelis Kondylis
Design Team: Praxitelis Kondylis, Chara Lasithiotaki
Project management: Panagiotis Karras

Awards & Distinctions

Participation at the 7th Biennale of Greek Young Architects, Hellenic Institute of Architecture

Built in the mid 90’s, the main part of this hotel complex is a typical example of the post-modern island architecture.

A31 was invited to expand the hotel premises in 2012. Staying true to the design principles the hotel was been built upon, we added a modern perspective and with a reductionist approach.

The new building addition was constructed in the southwest side of the complex. The project consists of a 45m² suite with surrounding space, balconies, a 125m² garden, a private pool/spa of 11,50m² and a 29m² double room with a 12,5m² patio. White plaster is the main material in the outdoor spaces, gray colored cement mortar was used for the flooring and the bathroom.

For this project, we were inspired by the unique and unobstructed views from the hotel. The simple interior features built-in furniture that acts as a continuation of the floor and walls. The lightness of touch and simple lines contribute to the sense of an airy and elegant space. The shower bench is also a wall extension, while the custom-made bath basins were designed and manufactured in white concrete. The room lighting, with carefully planned scenes, exudes serenity and calmness.  

Special attention to detail has been given to the bespoke bathroom and furniture which were designed and manufactured by A31 to the highest standards of comfort.